Human Resource Development Fund

The Human Resources Development Fund, Banking and Financial Sector, in the Kingdom of Bahrain was formally established on 6, July 2004 by Ministerial Order No. Nine of 2004 and Prime Ministerial Edict No. Twenty Four of 2004.

A Board of Trustees of Eleven Directors is responsible for the Management of the Fund.

The HRD Fund has been created as a major initiative to further develop skills required in Bahrain's financial services industry.

The fund will be utilized for specific human resources development needs in the banking and finance sector in order to maintain Bahrain's position as a leading international banking and financial services centre.

Financial institutions will benefit from this Fund as it will train and provide them with the correct skills and specializations uniquely required by their institution.

The HRD Fund is supervised by the Bahrain Central Bank where it receives its primary budget from. It also receives optional contributions from financial institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain.




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